The Mind-Body Owner’s Manual

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An urban meditation retreat with Jeff Warren and The Consciousness Explorers Club

JEFF: So this thing happened where I was bornand I was a baby for a bit, then a furious teenager (smoking in alleys), and then I worked in an office cubicle and got loaded on weekends and sometimes had sex. Later I perfected osso buco, got curious about genealogy, and eventually died, surrounded by friends, family and a random nurse.

Phew – what a life!

If I could do it all again, I’d change only one thing: I’d get the manual. What manual? The Mind-Body Owner’s Manual, of course. The one that tells you how to operate this damn thing, so you stop careening into ditches.

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And that, my friends, will be the ambitious subject of this half-day urban retreat. What exactly is the relationship between mind and body (that is, insofar as we can discern in our lived experience), and what important mind-body principles do I wish my grand-pappy had told me, before I went and totalled the car?

Of course, due to nervous system and environmental diversity, we all must write our own manuals. Nevertheless, certain core principles appear to come around again and again, for example:

            1. the value of simplicity
            2. the need for a strong centre
            3. the empowering nature of compassion

On this fine day, I, your mind-body curator, will come back from the dead to introduce and lead a mix of meditation and light movement practices around all of these principles. Then you can give me high fives and enduring friendship – because:

          4. the healing goodness of community

… is principle four.

Ticket info here.

*If ticket price is a barrier to attending, please email to access Pay-What-You-Can tickets.*

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