Relationship to Self – CEC Meditation

The Consciousness Explorers Club is now online! So if you’re from out of town and have always been curious about what the CEC gets up to every Monday night, now’s your chance to find out.

The sit is free, or you can donate something – information about that below. Our format is short chat, followed by a 35-minute guided sit, then some disorganized group sharing. About one hour total.

To join, click HERE

Our theme for Monday, July 20th:

The template for our relationship with others is the one we’re engaged in already with ourselves. There is no escaping that truth: friendly or critical, neglectful or curious, the longer someone’s with us and the closer they get, the more we end up treating them as we treat ourselves. Among other things, that means the greatest kindness we can do for others is the one we begin doing for ourselves.

In this meditation, we explore the life-changing magic of self-compassion. We’ll proceed in stages: first we create a bit of metaphorical space between our witnessing awareness and our seething minds and bodies. Then we kick back and watch our wiggly bits wiggle, always curious, on the lookout for subtle patterns. Halfway through we move into a deliberate self-compassion practice, the simple but profound orientation of caring for what we find inside. Thus primed, for our grand finale we’ll send the compassion outward in a breezy gust of microscopic cinnamon hearts, sandblasting all acquaintances with loving exfoliating goodness. If nothing else, it will be good for everyone’s complexion.

Go HERE to learn about the other CEC sits happening this month, every Monday night.

In terms of cost, here is the CEC:

“We encourage everyone near and far to participate. If you are able to donate a little something in return, we would greatly appreciate it. It’s a tough time financially right now, as we’re losing the income generated from our live offerings and fundraising events.  Every little bit helps us keep going with our non-for-profit mission to make meditation and personal growth practices awesome and accessible to all.

We gratefully accept donations via e-transfer (within Canada) or Paypal, sent to You can also sign up to be a monthly supporter via our Patreon page, and receive added perks and benefits in return.”

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