Somebody, Nobody, Everybody – CEC Meditation

Life is short, so let’s get cosmic. There’s meditating, there’s getting a bit more calm, a bit more centred, a bit more perspective. And it’s good. These are the rational benefits, much discussed by self-help books and social scientists and corporate HR departments. You could say meditation helps us become a better somebody: Level One. But there are further more paradoxical levels, where you begin to get the sense that the someone aware of these life shenanigans isn’t quite the someone you thought was aware in the first place. Someone seems more like a no one, a big empty aware space: Level Two. Level Three is: “wait, not just empty, also full – full of everybody!” Someone and no one and everyone, all at once. That’s quite a dynamic identity / non-identity. There’s no explaining it really, but there is … experiencing it – sort of, at least a whittle bit, as my toddler would say. And so on a Monday night in late September 2022 we head on down the rabbit hole together. PS: Level Four is realizing that all the above is complete bull-poop. Level Five is getting a job!


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Consciousness Explorers Club sits are sliding scale – information about that below. Our format is short chat, followed by a 35-minute guided sit, then some group sharing. About one hour total.

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