The Beat that My Heart Remixed

TEACHER: Jeff and James
THEME: The Beat that my Heart Remixed
MEDITATION:  Your body is a tuning fork for cosmic symphonies.
GROUP PRACTICE: We’ve done this before, and it is always good.

After focusing your sensitive little heart, we’ll pull out the blankets and bolsters and spill onto the floor as James and Jeff guide you through the sonic contours of your Litebrite (TM) soul, with a carefully curated DJ set designed to make your heart explode. Since the holidays are here, and with it, more faces of people we love, more party time, more couch time, more thank you time, more reflection time about what parts of life we most sincerely love, we are going to even make more of an effort to fill your cockles (TM) with crispy goodness.  There could be singing.  And we may go for beers after.

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