Reality / Unreality

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Reality / Unreality
MEDITATION: Melting into the Dream of You
GROUP PRACTICE: Mini Lucid Dreaming workshop

In my other life I wrote a book about dreaming and waking, and, like many before me, I became enchanted with the alternate reality known as lucid dreaming. Excellent for celebrity sex and super power rehearsal, obviously, but oh so much more. Because at the heart of lucid dreaming lies a very interesting insight: just as you can wake up inside a dream and realize that everything around you is part of a single process dreamed by you, so too can you wake up inside waking and realize that everything around you is part of a single process dreamed by … well, by one awareness. I’m not sure where that awareness is sleeping – let’s hope no one wakes her up, otherwise we’re all screwed!

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