Devotion 2: Kung-Fu Self-Hugging

TEACHER: Jeff and Scott
THEME: Devotion 2: Kung-Fu Self-Hugging or Loving the Entire Vibrating Body Backwards in Stillness and in Motion
MEDITATION: I Love the Feeling of Having a Body

OG’s Scott Davis will work his yoga magic as we move very slowly and deliberately into accessible and archetypally-charged postures, feeling the wonder and grace of each pose. Man I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but listen, this month is about devotion, there’s no getting around the sincerity piece. All I can say is, when you give yourself to something with openness and, yes, with sincerity, you access places more interesting than the usual arid landscapes of the Age of Irony.

I Love the Feeling of Having a Body, the itchy breathy vibrating pulse of it. The benefits of meditation accelerate NOT when certain experiences happen, but when a certain attitude to all experience happens. In this sit, we practice experiencing all sensations as a kind of intelligent caress

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