Smoothness in the Sensorimotor System

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Smoothness in the Sensorimotor System
MEDITATION: The Empty Ground
GROUP PRACTICE: Authentic Movement.

OK, the ground that keeps on giving. In the meditation we’ll see if we can sort of sneak down into the subbasement of the mind, below all the spinning turbines, below the machinery. Just empty smoothness down here, which frees us up to … move our bodies like slithery freaks. We’ll explore an improvisational practice called “authentic movement,” developed by Mary Starks Whitehouse, a student of the dance pioneer Martha Graham. Whitehouse was interested in the therapeutic effects of moving through space entirely free from direction and expectation – just letting the body go where it wants to go, letting the empty ground dictate each whim instead or our terrified self-consciousness. Then we’ll communicate to each other using chicken noises.

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