Solid Ground

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Solid Ground
MEDITATION: Vase Breathing
GROUP PRACTICE: The Silent Partner

Yeah, space is fun, but sometimes you need to double-down with your feet on the ground. In the main meditation we’ll explore a Tibetan practice called “Vase Breathing” that will turn you into an immovable object. For the group practice, we’ll continue the theme of body trust. By way of context, sometimes I watch little kids hang out and it blows my mind. They hardly say anything, but they manage to communicate all kinds of weird 3-year old shit about the chunks of reality that fascinate them. How do they do it? For this group practice we’ll explore conversing without words. No furious rumination – just initiate a random strategy and see what happens. Obviously you are encouraged to make low-frequency keening noises and undulate on the floor like a worm should the urge express itself. Thanks to Malcolm for the idea.

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