How to Deconstruct Thinking

Again and again, meditation teachers talk about the benefits of “popping out of your thoughts” – of panning back to a more spacious perspective, no longer embedded in fatalistic loops of rumination and mood and whatever else. To successfully do this, it helps to understand the terrain of thinking and feeling in the first place.

In this guided meditation – one of my favourites – we’ll put on our field naturalist binoculars, and tip toe into the dark forest of the mind, looking and listening for local wildlife. Some the creatures we may encounter: subtle imagery, flickering through the trees. Inner talk – rustling, complaining, maybe helplessly repeating that damn Tik Tok sea shanty (“Soon may the Wellerman come, to bring thumping sounds to our own eardrum!”). Vague atmospheric moods, tingling and contracting through the body’s core. And below it all, the low-level spread of subconscious processing, branching like mycelium networks through the forest floor of the mind.

Exploratory good times!

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