TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Upwelling
MEDITATION: Transverberation

In the autobiography of 16th century Saint Teresa of Avila, a cherub flies through the window of her convent and jabs a blazing spear into her heart. This  “transverberation” – a superb word that must be resuscitated – apparently ushered in a new state of mystical consciousness for Teresa, and went on to inspire generations of self-sacrificing, God-loving Catholic party animals (if by “party” you mean founding convents, and by “animal” you mean founding convents). This Monday evening, we’ll dodge the cherub but explore the real heart of the experience: total body surrender. Because it turns out when you open yourself wide enough, reality comes transverberating through. Then, for part two, we’ll investigate a sweet little Positive Psychology practice called the Gratitude Letter, briefly described by Martin Seligman here.

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