The Soulspace Podcast

From The Soulspace Podcast : “Using the metaphor of an armada of vehicles, our guest today playfully describes the different forms of contemplative practices, he writes, “We have the Yogic fire-breathing Namaste monster truck…the spooky Zen hover craft…a Sufi flying carpet…a Catholic chain of bubble campers…and the boring Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction delivery vans.”

In this episode, we navigate the fraught territory of consciousness and meditation with Jeff Warren. Jeff is the Author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics along with Mr 10% Happier Dan Harris. He also wrote The Head Trip, a guidebook to waking, sleeping and dreaming. We decided to take a stab at some “deep end” questions that relate to practice. Jeff tells us what it has been like for him since coming out publicly about his personal struggles with ADD and bi-polar. He also shares his personal vision for the future of mental health. At the very end, he leaves us with a beautiful 10 minute guided meditation.”

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