Home Base with Jeff is my studio for creating free weekly meditations for everyone (you can subscribe below). I also share new writing there, on various subjects related to having a mind, and a body, in a world. Quite a baffling situation, if you ask me.

Other free (and hopefully helpful) resources: on Sunday nights I host a live meditation on YouTube called the “Do Nothing Project“. My friend Tasha and I cohost a fun podcast called the Mind Bod Adventure Pod. And my non-profit – the Consciousness Explorers Club – has free community meditations on Monday nights, with its own excellent newsletter here.

The Equanimist Pages are short reflections on meditation, practice, and the baffle-wonder-challenge of somehow existing. I also send out the occasional retreat and workshop announcement. On Sunday nights, people from around the world join me for a live meditation and “Do Nothing Project” hang out here. My non-profit, the Consciousness Explorers Club, has its own newsletter here.
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