The Spiegel Eye-Roll

From Jeff Warren’s The Head Trip, chapter 5, The Trance.

Use this handy chart to hypnotize your friends!

Actually, it won’t help with that at all. But it might help with figuring out which of your friends is hypnotizable, should you wish to bring them (finally) under your total control.

Here’s a hypnosis script you can use, straight from the father and son hypnosis team of Spiegel and Spiegel, authors of the American Psychiatric Association’s classic Trance and Treatment.

“Now look toward me. As you hold your head in that position, look up toward your eyebrows”now, toward the top of your head. As you continue to look upward, close your eyes slowly. That’s right . . . close. Close. Close. Close.”

The key is rolling the eyeballs up, as the lids go down. The amount of sclera (white) is apparently a good indicator of innate hypnotic capacity. So if your friend’s eyes go all zombie, then hypnotize them immediately and ask for money.

If their eyes don’t budge, they’re probably a boring skeptic with a rigid uncompromising worldview, which makes me wonder why they are indulging your nerdy hypnosis fetish in the first place.

According to Spiegel and Spiegel, a person’s innate hypnotic capacity reveals certain things about their personality type.

8-spiegelthumbSo in the Spiegel model, people who are easily hypnotized are flaky artist actor types, “Dionysians.” On the other extreme you get uptight controlled “Apollonians.” And in between – where most people fall – are the agonized “Odysseans,” fluctuating between tendencies, trapped between “action and despair.”

None of which will make a lick of sense of you don’t check my book, but what the hell, I’m ranting here for free. Now go check your eyeballs!

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