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From the Psychologists Off The Clock Podcast: “In This Episode, Author And Meditation Expert Jeff Warren Reveals The Art, Science, And Fun Of Meditation For The Fidgety Skeptics Among Us.

If Your Interest Has Been Piqued By The Buzz Around Meditation But You Haven’t Been Able (Or Willing) To Develop A Meditation Practice, Then Check Out Yael’s Conversation With Jeff Warren. Jeff Is The Co-Author Of The Recent Best Seller, Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics: A 10% Happier How-To Book.

In This Episode, Jeff Discusses:

‧ What “Counts” As Meditation (Hint: Satin Cushions, An Empty Mind, And Major Life Changes Are Not Required).

‧ Why Equanimity Is The “Super Juice” Of Meditation.

‧ The Benefits (And Drawbacks) Of Incorporating Technology Into A Meditation Practice.

‧ How Jeff Deals With Intense Emotions And Fidgety-Ness In His Own Meditation Practice”.

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