Wheel of Consciousness Animation

Around the Wheel each state of consciousness animated by changes in global brain activation, from the Hypnagogic state at sleep onset through to the mysterious depths of Pure Awareness

The Consciousness Mixing Board

A summary of much of what I learned while writing and researching The Head Trip. Via expectations, suggestion and possibly even intention, we can learn to remix consciousness. We live in special-effects studios of the mind

The Dream Director

Publishing a book is a bit like firing one of those emergency flares into the air. You never know who it’s going to attract. Most of the time nobody. You set the flare off in the Arctic tundra, get excited for some human contact, the light dims, cold sets in, and you die of exposure. But once in awhile someone comes by to take a look.... more

The Wheel of Consciousness

The core metaphor of my book. The brain is a wheel, and consciousness is a pliant membrane pressed into the rim. Consciousness is always there - it never moves. But the wheel moves, spun by our biological clocks