How to Explore Consciousness

There are few activities more thrilling than the exploration of consciousness, particularly in the form of intelligent spiritual practice. A talk on some of the terrains of meditation experience and their attendant risks and benefits.

Why Meditate

Maybe meditation is something you want to pursue, maybe it isn't. In this ten minute clip, I lay out my own reasons for practice, and discuss an experience I had on retreat that brought the whole thing home.

Mansion of The Mind

An animated tour through waking, sleeping and dreaming consciousness, made by the Discovery channel. Features a fire-breathing dragon, a magical tennis ball, a lot of hand waving and an embarrassing pimp roll.

Journey Into the Mind

How well do you know your own mind? The Wheel of Consciousness is an audio-visual journey through twelve distinct states of waking, sleeping and dreaming consciousness. The idea is to use moving image and music and narration to provoke each state of consciousness in the audience - that is, if they don’t nod off during the tedious bits.

Into the Whale

Can we know what it's like to be a non-human animal? Most scientists and philosophers say we cannot. Others disagree. A talk on whales, kinship in nature, and the limits of human empathy and imagination.

Spiritual Oneness: The Literary Genre

This talk from the 2013 Science and Nonduality conference is about how books on spiritual "oneness" seem to work their magic on readers, and how they might do so more often and more effectively.

Living in Oneness – Panel Discussion

I hosted this animated panel at the 2013 Science and Nonduality conference in Holland. At least two of the participants - Lisa Cairns and Gary Weber - claim to have permanently transitioned to a state of spiritual oneness as described by mystics.

Mind and Technology

First We Make Brains, Then We Make Love! The power of communications technology to shape our brains and behaviours is a little scary. It may also be the greatest design opportunity of our generation.