10% Happier Podcast – Meditation Party with Sebene Selassie and Jeff Warren: Psychedelics, ADHD, Waking Up From Distraction, and Singing Without Being Self-Conscious

In this episode, Jeff shares what it’s like to be a meditation teacher who has ADHD. We also take listener questions, discussing topics like drugs. Specifically, psychedelics — and whether you’re violating Buddhist precepts if you take them. We also talk about how frustrating it can be to repeatedly wake up from distraction in... more

Fatherhood Unlocked with Dan Doty Podcast

From the Fatherhood Unlocked with Dan Doty Podcast, episode #9  Jeff Warren - Grounding into Fatherhood: "In this funny yet honest conversation with Meditation teacher, Jeff Warren, we recall just how essential our practice has been for keeping us grounded and sane on our journey into fatherhood, and equally how parenthood can replace... more

Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran

From the Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran Podcast: "Meditation changed my life, and today I'm talking to the guy who coached me through it. Jeff Warren joins me to break down the benefits of meditation, why many of the most successful people practice it, and why it's okay if you 'can't get the hang of it.'"

How To Tickle Yourself Podcast

From the How To Tickle Yourself Podcast: "In this episode, Jeff provides some clarity on the act of meditation itself and outlines the skills one would use to explore the inner workings of their consciousness."

Dropping In – An Omega Podcast

From the Dropping In - An Omega Podcast: "In his conversation with Omega digital media director Cali Alpert, Jeff reveals why he thinks meditation is one of the most radical acts, how we can tailor a practice to fit our individual needs, and how we learn best in community."

Keep Your Mind In Tune Podcast

From the Keep Your Mind In Tune Podcast: "Jeff chats with musicians Dave Brandwein (Turkuaz) and Anders Osborne. Together, they explore mindfulness, meditation, consciousness and equanimity". 

CNN Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction Podcast

From CNN: “The stress of this the pandemic is getting to us, and today’s election is only heightening the anxiety for some. Today CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta shares tips for coping with all this extra anxiety. Jeff Warren tells us about his experience with meditation and explains some of the benefits."

The Coaches’ Trail Podcast

From the Coaches' Trail Podcast: "We interview Jeff Warren, renowned and beloved meditation teacher about mindfulness practice.  Jeff says that developing the meditative mind is the best game in town and has us feeling deeply resourced, calm, nourished, and whole."

The Joyous Health Podcast

From the Joyous Health Podcast: “In this episode, Jeff shares his background, how his interest in meditation began, and how he uses it to support his own mental health." This week’s guest is Writer and mediation teacher Jeff Warren. If there is such a thing as a rockstar meditation teacher, Jeff is certainly in the conversation.

10% Happier Podcast – The Case for “Doing Nothing” in a Time of Crisis

In this episode, Jeff and Sebene Selassie answer questions about the value of meditation in this difficult time. They discuss: how to work with a wandering mind; how to navigate the social anxiety many of us feel as we start to reopen; whether it’s possible to be mindfully depressed; and we explore the potential for gratitude at a time... more

CBC Now Or Never Show

In this episode of Now or Never, Jeff explains why he created the "most boring" videos ever and why slowing down is important for ourselves and our communities.

10% Happier Podcast – How to Be Your Own Teacher

Jeff and Dan talk all about the wide-world of practice beyond the meditation cushion, about what it means to be your own teacher and Jeff's idea of the different stage of practice that people all go through – regardless of their particular commitment.

Evryman Podcast

From the Evryman Podcast: “You don’t need to run to the science, the science is cool but go to your own experience, do the experiment and see what’s there.” This week’s guest is Writer and mediation teacher Jeff Warren. If there is such a thing as a rockstar meditation teacher, Jeff is certainly in the conversation.

Running for Real Podcast

From the Running for Real podcast: "What if I told you that you could meditate at any time of day, doing any activity? Would you be more likely to try it? You may be thinking that meditation is only for those people that already have their life together, or for people without children, or less-demanding jobs. But that isn’t true!... more
The Mystery of Consciousness

Becoming One’s Own Teacher and Explorer

I was a ridiculous person back then. I just was interested in partying and whooping it up and so I didn't really let my accidents slow me down. I didn't stop to take any lessons from them. I didn't have the language to talk about growth and consciousness and any of it. Nobody in my circles talked about this stuff.

Mindful Parenting Summit

From the 2019 Mindful Parenting Summit, with the ebullient Dr. Stacy Thomas. We discuss mindfulness as a general skillset for parents, how to craft meditation practices for kids, the importance of meeting kids where they're at and the power of imagination

The Soulspace Podcast

From The Soulspace Podcast: "In this episode, we decided to take a stab at some “deep end” questions that relate to practice. Jeff shares his personal vision for the future of mental health. At the very end, he leaves us with a beautiful 10 minute guided meditation."

KYŌ Podcast

Training For How You Want To Exist: "Jeff makes mindfulness and meditation accessible to diverse audiences in order to help people live more fulfilled lives. He speaks openly about how meditation has – and hasn’t – helped with his own mental health challenges, from ADD to excessive energy to various flavours of moody agonizing".

The Astral Hustle with Cory Allen

From the Astral Hustle podcast: "This podcast was a trip. Several times Jeff and I had to stop and scratch our heads because of the similarity of our experiences. We had fun and got into a deep talk about our paths and the far reaches of consciousness".

The Sonya Looney Show

"We talked about how to meditate (even if you don’t want to focus on the breath), different tools for learning about and accepting the inner workings of our emotions and thoughts, how to find the right practice for you, and even ways to make things like sports or even showering part of your meditation practice."

10% Happier with Dan Harris Podcast

"With the new year upon us, it's the perfect time to help you make those resolutions stick. This week Dan and his co-author Jeff Warren answer questions about how to begin a meditation practice, make it stick, and other queries which may arise during the course of practice."

Pausefully Podcast

Being human takes practice. From the Pausefully Podcast: “Jeff Warren talks about exploring consciousness from the perspective of how to live a more fulfilled life… approaching this exploration with a spirit of adventure.” Read more HERE.  

Human 2.0 | Mind Upgrade Podcast

From the Human 2.0 | Mind Upgrade Podcast : "Too busy to meditate? Can’t turn off your brain? Curious about mindfulness but more comfortable in the gym? This episode with Jeff Warren is for you.

Modern Wisdom Podcast with Chris Williamson

On this podcast Jeff and Chris Williamson discuss why introspective work should be taken as seriously as personal hygiene, how you can double the span of your life experience, what benefits occur when consistently practising meditation, and just why exploring our own consciousness is so difficult, yet rewarding.

Paleo Magazine Radio

Paleo Magazine radio - Each episode features interviews with experts, best-selling authors, celebrities, and folks doing amazing things to further the idea of improving ones life using ancestral health principles.

The Drew McClure Podcast

From the Drew McClure Podcast : “I had the honor of sitting down with the “Meditation MacGyver” Jeff Warren.  Jeff is the CoAuthor of the best selling book “Meditation for fidgety skeptics”. If you are interested at all in learning how to better shape your thoughts, emotions and habits then you need to... more

Mindful Mama with Hunter Clarke-Fields

From The Mindful Mama podcast: “Talking to Jeff Warren was like talking to my long-lost meditation friend who totally “got it.” His story about how meditation helped him notice the “neurotic ways he was in pain,” will help you understand the power of this practice at a deeper level.”        More info... more

The One Your Feed with Eric Zimmer

From One you Feed: “We all know that meditation is good for us but for many, it just feels inaccessible and out of reach. If that is how you feel, what Jeff has to share in this interview will make that gap shrink in size so much so that you can hop right over it and … "The One Your Feed with Eric Zimmer"

Unmistakable Creative Podcast

From the Unmistakable Creative podcast: "Meditation can accomplish many things for many different people, and Jeff Warren has experienced that firsthand. Despite having attention issues, Jeff has been able to use meditation effectively and has studied it and its affects on people for years".

Phoenix Health with Eileen Laird

From the Phoenix Health podcast: “Do you picture meditators sitting quietly and peacefully with completely empty minds, people genetically wired totally differently from you? Let me tell you a secret: those people don’t exist.  In this episode, Eileen and Jeff talk specifically about common meditation obstacles for people... more

E2 : Entrepreneurs Exposed

From the E2 podcast: “In this episode, Jeff and Adam discuss various forms of meditation,  the struggles people have with respect to maintaining a practice, and how meditation can help cope with (and perhaps even eradicate) symptoms of ADD, anxiety, and depression.”     More info here 

Bounce with Larry Weeks

Larry Weeks: "This is a podcast about training how you want to exist in the world. You're training how to do this everyday. If you’re existing in a consistently negative state  – angry, fearful, stressful – that’s the habit you’re unconsciously training."

The Wright Show with Robert Wright

From science journalist to meditation teacher. How ADD and bipolar tendencies shaped Jeff’s practice. Falling out of a tree while on mushrooms. The interaction between mindfulness, not-self, and suffering. Defining enlightenment. Varieties of consciousness. How meditation can shift your priorities.

Expanding Mind with Erik Davis

Jeff discusses his journey to becoming a meditation teacher, the limitations of our old ideas about what a meditation teacher is, the qualities that are built during practices, they enjoyment of exploration, and much more on Erik Davis' always interesting podcast.

Waking Up Bipolar with Chris Cole

Chris Cole: "As you’ll hear in our conversation, Jeff Warren has an uncanny ability to both dive deep into mystical waters and also articulate the many practical benefits of taking up a meditation practice. I most appreciate his willingness to speak candidly about his experiences with ADHD."

Hypnotize Me with Dr. Elizabeth Bonet

No Fear practices. Different ways to break out of fear and anxiety. The natural course of Insomnia. The Watch” and how it related to Insomnia. About Jeff's teacher Shinzen Young. How Hypnosis gives us perspective on ourselves and Trance

Inspire Nation with Michael Sandler

How was he experimenting with consciousness as a child? What’s the importance of making people feel better about the fact that everyone’s got their own neurotic stuff? What was the 10% Happier meditation tour? What are the most important concepts for beginning? and more

10% Happier with Dan Harris #113: After the Road Trip

Dan and Jeff reflect on their January 2017 road trip, in which they traveled from New York City to Los Angeles to talk with people about what keeps them from meditating, and in the process, the two friends discuss how meditation has helped them work through their own personal struggles.

Nonduality Radio

Fun talk with Jerry Katz and Mandee Labelle at nonduality radio in Halifax. All about the Advaita nonduality scene.

Expanding Mind II – Exploring Meditation

Talk with Erik Davis and Maja D’Aoust. Gets right into big questions around the experience of meditation, the vastness of the territory, the multiplicity of practices, the relationship between insight and ethics, the mystery of human enlightenment and - to keep it modest - science and the nature of reality.

Expanding Mind I – Science, Consciousness, Reality

Fun talk with writer scholar Erik Davis, including riffs on hypnagogia, lucid dreaming, scientific vs spiritual knowledge, the role of science journalists in describing the nature of reality, how ocean may shape mind, and more.

Dreaming as Practice

Jennifer Dumpert teaches a course on dreaming at Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. A short video interview I did for her class, talking all about Aristotle and houses on wheels and "memory catching" Brenda Lee's Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.

Sassy Science Interview

Sassy Science is put together by journalist Sonya Buyting. Sonya's podcasts are an adrenaline-fueled mix of breaking news and breaking beats. Good overview of Head Trip with some lurid extrapolations.


I believe we’re at are at the dawn of a new age of scientific exploration. The external world is mapped; now the explorers are turning inward. The galleons have left port. They’re approaching a huge mysterious continent. They won’t be the first to arrive. There are paths already cut in the forest, where shamans and monks and others... more