The Power of Habit

TALK: What habits of mind are you building? GUIDED MEDITATION: Habits of mind You hear teachers say it again and again, in every tradition: explore for a bit, and then choose one practice and commit. They’re right – sort of. It’s absolutely true that if you want to build a new habit, you have to … Continue reading “The Power of Habit”

Core Mindfulness Skills

This is a classic meditation drawing on the ideas of equanimity, concentration, and ending with loving-kindness.

Emotional Trigger Practice

Well, it’s one day before the US election and the moment the Western world is thrown into our next Dark Age. Are you worried? I am. It’s hard to be an informed person and not feel some concern for the intense divisiveness and acrimony radiating up from our southern neighbours. Fortunately, when it comes to meditation, that’s just fine: we WANT reactions. We need something to work with here.

Identity and Freedom

GUIDED MEDITATION: Neti-Neti INTERACTIVE: Crossing the Line There’s no getting around this paradox if you want to grok spiritual practice. On the one hand, you are definitely a unique little weirdo. On the other hand, you’re also the irreducible sum of all unique weirdos, and / or none of them. It depends on your perspective. Whether … Continue reading “Identity and Freedom”

Healthy Boundaries

MEDITATION: Psychic Shrink-Wrap INTERACTIVE: The Right Practice for the Right Time Our theme this month is different strokes for different folks. This seems to be every bit as true for meditation and spiritual practice as it is for everything else. When I first started practicing mindfulness, I was all about deconstructing myself. A lot of … Continue reading “Healthy Boundaries”

The Practice of Perspective

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Practice of Perspective MEDITATION: Layers of Our Discontent INTERACTIVE: The Art of Moving Out This week, we explore perspective from two directions: in sitting practice, where we’ll tease out some of the understated and not-so understated ways we find our moments lacking (and in the seeing, a subtle freeing), and, for part two, a … Continue reading “The Practice of Perspective”


TEACHER: Jeff Warren and Christine Pountney THEME: Inhibition MEDITATION: Saying Yes INTERACTIVE: “All Pathology Starts with Inhibition” “All pathology starts with inhibition.” Dr. Henri Laborit said that. I don’t know who he is either, although Wikipedia tells me he’s a dead French guy who experimented on rats. But let’s run with his idea. My friend Christine believes … Continue reading “Inhibition”

Not Knowing

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Not Knowing MEDITATION: The Beautiful Bogglement of the Beginner INTERACTIVE: Embracing the Alien Meditation is an interplay between knowing and not knowing. Sometimes we know exactly what’s going on: inhale, distraction, butt-itch, eureka! But sometimes – just as importantly – we have no idea. We are genuinely out in the open, without even … Continue reading “Not Knowing”

God: The Abrahamic Ideal

TEACHER: Jeff Warren and Avi Craimer THEME: God: The Abrahamic Ideal MEDITATION: I and Thou INTERACTIVE: God Party You filthy sinners! You don’t deserve to come to our God Party, particularly after last week’s shocking expose of your deranged spiritual selves. Of course now I am perpetuating the misconception that somehow the whole God thing … Continue reading “God: The Abrahamic Ideal”