Awareness: The Nondual Ideal

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Awareness: The Nondual Ideal MEDITATION: Unhooking INTERACTIVE: Pointing Out Guidance and Interaction If you don’t know what “nonduality” is, I’ve written a short overview here, and provided some simple pointing out instructions here. Nowadays it’s used as shorthand for a particular approach to spiritual practice that involves orienting to awareness itself, … Continue reading “Awareness: The Nondual Ideal”

The Belief Effect

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Belief Effect MEDITATION: Powers of Ten INTERACTIVE: How Beliefs Shape Experience We already did this one and it was awesome. Dug into whatever secret beliefs may be guiding people’s understanding of reality and their place in it, brought them out of the shadowy subconscious and into the light of open-hearted … Continue reading “The Belief Effect”

The Challenge of Feeling

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Challenge of Feeling MEDITATION: Sensitized INTERACTIVE PRACTICE: The Shadow The inner tracking gets juicier this week, more embodied, into the primordial soup of our emotions. Once we see and feel some tough pattern, what then? One way out is through: we open, we accept. In contemplative lingo, we trickle equanimity down into the interstices … Continue reading “The Challenge of Feeling”

The Habit of Looking

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: The Habit of Looking MEDITATION: Insight into The Inner World INTERACTIVE PRACTICE: Walkabout In the beginning, all is dark. We act and we react. The notion that we may have some choice in the matter – that we don’t actually have to go along with our pinball conditioning – never occurs to us. … Continue reading “The Habit of Looking”

The Trouble with Peak Experiences

TEACHER:  Jeff Warren THEME: The Trouble with Peak Experiences MEDITATION: Technology of Bliss INTERACTIVE: Feeling a bit Peaked Peak experiences are excellent. I mean, they’re called peak experiences – what do you expect? They’re fun and rapturous and connected and whatever other adjective qualifies as “peak” for you. There’s nothing worse than finger-wagging spiritual scolds telling … Continue reading “The Trouble with Peak Experiences”


TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Upwelling MEDITATION: Transverberation INTERACTIVE PRACTICE: Gratitude Letter In the autobiography of 16th century Saint Teresa of Avila, a cherub flies through the window of her convent and jabs a blazing spear into her heart. This  “transverberation” – a superb word that must be resuscitated – apparently ushered in a new state of mystical consciousness for Teresa, and went on … Continue reading “Upwelling”


TEACHER: Jeff Warren and Christine Pountney THEME: Intentionality MEDITATION: Setting Our Own Agenda INTERACTIVE PRACTICE: Layers of Intention, Layers of Self There are many mysteries in consciousness. One of them has to do with the curious power of our intentions to frame and order our experience. Intentions run like underground rivers through our lives; they … Continue reading “Intentionality”


TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Giving MEDITATION: Silent Illumination INTERACTIVE PRACTICE: The Natural Generosity of Presence The television told me the holidays are a time of giving; who am I to argue? There are at least two interesting and related questions here. The first: what do we want to give? I mean, beyond the stocking stuffers … Continue reading “Giving”


TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Balance MEDITATION: The Seven Factors of Enlightenment INTERACTIVE PRACTICE: Mapping a Balanced Practice, Part 2 The first Monday of every month we explicitly explore challenges and questions related to practice and meditation. This Monday we’ll begin with a guided tour through the qualities known as the Seven Factors of Enlightenment. Although … Continue reading “Balance”

Technology and Attention

TEACHER: Jeff Warren THEME: Technology and Attention MEDITATION: Getting Still INTERACTIVE PRACTICE: Addicted to Dopamine OK so for this evening and for this evening only everyone is encouraged to have their technology switched on, we are figuratively sponsored by Apple here, by all the great tech providers in the sky. We’ll start the evening by getting relatively still … Continue reading “Technology and Attention”